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US craft beer: How it inspired British brewers

Once widely mocked, US beer is now popular globally with hipsters and connoisseurs alike. Why is the world buying in to the American brewing revolution?

Not so very long ago, American beer was a joke. And a weak one at that.

To international tastebuds, it meant bottled lagers like Budweiser, Miller or Coors – commonly regarded by self-respecting drinkers as bland, corporate and lacking in credibility.

An explosion in independently-run microbreweries producing lovingly-created, strong, pungent, flavour-rich ales has transformed the reputation of the product.

But it is not only traditional aficionados of ale who have been won over by this American revolution.

Somehow, beer from the United States has become not just widely respected, but achingly fashionable.


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A message from the fermenter room and beyond..

Our regulars may have enjoyed watching brewing activity over the past two weeks. This is just an indication of how quickly the beers are flowing. All fermenters are full once again and we have a busy brewing schedule for the next couple of months. The Bosphorus Brewing Company is six weeks old and we seem to have gone from childhood to adulthood in one step. Little did we expect that our friends would be so thirsty for ‘real beer’! We’ve made more investments to enable us to meet the demand. Of course without your support there would be no success and we are now making every effort and recruiting the best yeast to bring you the beers that you have quickly become accustomed to.

In anticipation of the new year, ‘Karbon’ is finally on tap, Haliç Gold is back and this weekend will see a fresh batch of IPA become available with a more pronounced fruity nose and delicious grapefruit aftertaste. Brew 81 and Içmedık will follow on swiftly behind.

Now we know what you enjoy drinking, we should be able to maintain a regular supply and turn our focus to bringing you some new beers with even more character. In the new year you should expect to see a good number of creative ideas in the food, the beer and how we try to better serve you.

In the mean time, I’d like to wish all our customers a safe and prosperous 2013 and thank you for your ongoing support and consideration as our ‘baby’ learns to cope with growing up.

I must leave you with one piece of beer related advice;  ‘A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure’.


Head of Beer


The BBC in the Italian Press

In March we have been articles on the BBC were published on the website of the Union of the Italian Journalists for Food and Beverage (UNAGA Trade Union).

Also  in the website of Wigwam circuit Italia. Wigwam is a network of local supply communities spread across Italy. They relate to territorial marketing, tourism and promotion of local food and beverage.